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Located at the edge of Ise Bay in the southern part of Mie Prefecture in central Japan, Ise City has a population of about 130,000 people and an area of 179 square kilometers. One-third of Ise City is forestland owned by Ise Jingu, an ancient Shinto shrine over 2000 years old and considered to be Japan’s religious and spiritual center. Ise City and Ise Jingu are a destination for almost 7 million visitors a year, most of whom come to pay respects to Japan’s ancestry and to pray for peace, safety and prosperity.

As the gateway and hub city to the Ise Shima area, the city of Ise plays an important regional role in education, culture, welfare and industry.

With its beautiful natural landscape, the mix of mountains and the sea, crystal clean rivers, the rich natural history and the abundance of delicious seafood, Ise City represents traditional Japan at its best.

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Ise City lies approximately 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Osaka and 45 miles (73 km) south of Nagoya and can be accessed by train, bus, car or ferry from Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, or Central Japan International Airport (Centrair).

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English speaking staff as well as English brochures and maps are available at our tourism information offices.

Tourist Information Office, within Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station:

Hours: Monday through Sunday; 09:00 to 17:30
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Postal address: 2-1-43 Iwabuchi, Ise City, Mie, Japan 516-0037
Access map: MapA-2C, MapB-5B

Tourist Information Office, near Geku:

Hours: Monday through Sunday; 08:30 to 17:00
Tel: (+81) 596-23-3323
FAX: (+81) 596-27-1049
Postal address: 14-6 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie, Japan 516-0074
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