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Shrine Etiquette:

How to cleanse your hands at a Shinto Shrine

Before entering a shrine, please purify your hands and mouth by rinsing them at one of the stone or wood fonts usually located near the entrance of a shrine.

Bow before the water font. Then, using your right hand, scoop some water into one of the ladles
Hold the ladle with your right hand and rinse your left hand
Hold the ladle with your left hand and rinse your right hand
Pour some water into your left hand and use that water to rinse your mouth
Rinse your left hand again by holding the ladle with your right hand. Then, cleanse the ladle by raising it and allowing the remaining water to run down the handle
Put the ladle back by facing it upside down. Then, bow one more time

How to pray at a Shinto Shrine

When you reach the shrine gate there is an easy four-step custom to pray at a Shinto Shrine. Before praying, many people put some money into the offertory box before praying however, this is optional. In any event, please follow the following steps.

First; bow deeply two times
Second; put your hands together in front of your chest
Third; clap two times
Fourth; bow deeply one more time